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Tammi Fisher is a seasoned management professional with over 20 years of experience supporting federal government clients. Tammi has a broad portfolio with experience in program management, stakeholder engagement, operational requirements gathering, strategy development, meeting facilitation, financial planning, travel management, coordination of national and international strategic initiatives, and management of multi-disciplinary and multi-agency teams.

Tammi Fisher



Tammi has supported multiple federal agencies; including, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), National Disaster Medical System (NDMS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), National Institutes of Health (NIH), and Department of Defense (DoD). 

Tammi is an avid watcher of The Great British Baking Show, Crime TV connoisseur, admitted Pinterest addict, and fan of vibrant colors and leopard print. According to Tammi, with her combination of wit, humor, and style, Mindy Kaling would be the perfect person to play her in a movie. Tammi is a wife and mother of two active boys. She also likes long walks on the beach, just kidding; she’s afraid of jellyfish, and whatever she imagines is lurking in the ocean.

Charles Downing


With over 13 years of invaluable experience in management consulting, Charles brings technical and strategic expertise to the Catalina team, driving operational enhancements and fostering organizational efficiency.

As a seasoned professional, Charles has thrived in multiple business sectors, developing client relations at esteemed organizations such as The Department of Homeland Security, State Department, The Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering as well as consulting for Booz Allen Hamilton, SAIC, and Knight Point Systems prior to joining Catalina Associates. His diverse background demonstrates his adaptability and his ability to excel in different environments.

Charles' dynamic character is shaped by a rich and diverse background. His childhood in Germany, adolescent upbringing in Clovis, New Mexico, and his time at Texas Tech University—where he earned dual bachelor's degrees in history and political science—have shaped his adaptability and well-rounded perspective.

When not driving Catalina's success, Charles has a few essentials he can't live without: guitars, ice cream and a grill. He is an avid concertgoer and prides himself on being the funniest guy in the room. We’re not saying he is the funniest person in the room, we’re saying that he thinks he’s the funniest person in the room.

Charles is a beloved husband, dedicated father, and a devoted partner of Catalina. We are fortunate to have Charles as part of our team where his expertise, dedication, and infectious personality contributes to our collective success.

Tiara Washington


Tiara is an Administrative Management professional with over 20 years of support to federal governmental departments. During her time of providing client support to date, Tiara has experience servicing several agencies such as the Library of Congress (LOC), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of State, Department of Homeland Security Science &Technology Directorate (DHS/S&T) and Department of Defense (DOD).

She has a background that consists within the areas of travel management – domestic and international, financial planning & budgeting, customer relationship building, and project management.

Tiara grew up in central Texas, a southern girl at heart who has called Maryland her home for the past 22 years. She is an amateur photographer that loves to capture whatever catches her eye. If she could travel back in time, Tiara would love to take photos during the Harlem Renaissance era. Additionally, Tiara spends her free time finding her next DIY project to tackle, watching intriguing documentaries, trying new recipes, and researching the most random things on Google – a natural born researcher.

Matt Billone


Matt is a highly experienced professional who has built his career around providing innovative solutions to a wide range of clients, such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Department of Defense Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Engineering (OUSD (R&E)), and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

A key aspect of Matt’s philosophy is developing a close understanding of each client’s unique needs. Matt strongly believes that anyone with the right qualifications can deliver a solution that meets a client’s requirements, but what makes the difference is actually listening to the client, internalizing their mission and needs, and giving them the best support possible to help them achieve success.

Outside of work, most of Matt’s time is spent keeping his two energetic young children emotionally fulfilled and physically alive. At the end of the day you’re likely to find him passed out on the couch with Wikipedia tabs open on a variety of topics such as the Holy Roman Empire, the culinary habits of ancient Romans, the Andromeda galaxy, and others. In other words, he’s a huge dork.

Josh Keyfauver


Josh Keyfauver joins Catalina Associates after 16 years of military and government service. His professional career has primarily focused on supporting the Department of Defense at the operational, service, and joint levels. Josh has served government and military organizations in the areas of intelligence and acquisition services, management consulting, threat forecasting, financial & human capital management, and strategic communications.

During his career, Josh has supported various Department of Defense government and military organizations; including operational U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy and Marine Corps units around the world, civilian and military entities within the defense intelligence enterprise, various weapon system development program offices, and the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense. He is currently an intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force Reserves.

Josh believes everything is engineerable. He has focused his educational and professional pursuits on aiding organizations in adopting systems-thinking mindsets to leverage the synergies provided by its people, processes, and technologies and, ultimately, improve its products and services.

Josh is a regular participant in endurance competitions—running, biking, and swimming—and is inseparable from his Peloton bike. He is active in various councils and committees within the areas of systems engineering, project management, and national security and is published in the American Intelligence Journal. Josh dabbles in indoor rock climbing, blues harmonica, winemaking, stand-up paddleboarding, side-hustles, smoking meat and he is a member of the Professional Disc Golf Association. He enjoys traveling and is a devoted husband and father of two Shiba Inu pups.

Sophie Hunt


Sophie is an Administrative Professional with 12 years of experience in administrative management, program management, and proposal management. Sophie spent most of her career in the field of International Development supporting programs in Kenya and Haiti, and managing a home office supporting employees working in Ethiopia, Haiti, Kenya, India, and the Philippines. She took a break from the professional world in approximately March 2020 to stay home with her two children, and was excited to step back in as the Office Manager of Catalina Associates in 2022. Her experience ranges from travel logistics to budget monitoring, business development to insurance administration, and beyond. Sophie has earned her reputation of “cool under pressure”, but she hopes she doesn’t need to put it to good use anytime soon.

Sophie lives in the DC suburbs with her husband and two young kids. She rounds out her chaotic household with two large dogs and two entitled cats, and might secretly go out and adopt a kitten if no one is looking. She spends her free time hanging out with her kids, reading upsetting non-fiction books, and, let’s be honest, cleaning.

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