Core values

Core Values


We believe in conducting ourselves appropriately at all times. We exhibit pride in professional appearance and behavior, and we maintain composure in challenging situations.


We value experiences, thoughts, and emotions. We know that in a respectful environment when all voices are heard, the best ideas come forward. We insist on culture or respect and recognize that words and actions matter. The absence of words and actions also matter.


Results matter, and we are committed to doing our best. We set ambitious goals and push ourselves to achieve them.  As a team, we hold each other accountable and ensure we perform to the best of our ability.

inclusion & diversity

We value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all. We strive for excellence and recognize that our differences make us stronger. We respect and seek out the inclusion of differences, realizing that we can learn from one another. We believe in the freedom of speech and encourage the civil and respectful spread of ideas and opinions. We share the responsibility to create a positive culture and to safeguard equity, inclusion, dignity, and respect for all.


We think without constraints to envision the reality we want. We inspire with originality and freshness to amplify the talents of those around us. Our imagination is reflected in how we communicate, what we build, and how we operate.


We make decisions weighed with truth, honor, and respect. We do what's right, even when no one is watching.

open communication

We believe in open and honest dialogue. We value opportunities for honest feedback. We believe transparency is the key to success, with clients and with each other. 


We look at everything and determine how it can be made better. Process, creativity, and culture all demand innovation. We strive to make everything we do tomorrow better than what we did today.

Last but not least, be awesome and stay awesome. Not sure if that's considered a core value, but let's roll with it anyway.

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